Birthday Wish # 6 and Birthday Wish # 5

This post is part of a birthday wishlist series.

I would have made two separate posts for these two, but since they are closely-related, I figured I’d put them in one. I don’t consider myself a photography expert, although I do think of myself as a photography enthusiast. This is why for my next two wishes, I want something for my camera.

Birthday Wish # 6

I would love to have this super cool “stand” for my cameras.

Clampette, where have you been all my life?

What is it? It’s a clampette. Essentially, it enables you to use anything with a horizontal/vertical surface as a stand. That means areas you wouldn’t otherwise prop your camera on a tripod due to, well, sheer ridiculousness of the idea –  say, a fence, a chair or a wall – you would do so with this baby. The clampette works just like a tripod, only it doesn’t have any legs. This is perfect for time-lapse shots, for self-portraits, and pretty much just taking fun shots. :)



Apartment Hunting in Athens

Another thing off my summer to-do list, whoohoo! My family and I drove to Athens early Sunday morning to do business there on Monday. It was a fun, exhausting, crazy, and scary day, and the best way to tell the story is to go through my itinerary.

MONDAY, July 25

8.30 – Meeting with Mr. Teacher

My parents and I arrived at the location a bit early. All parties were only half-awake during the tour of the house. Everything in the house was either new or like new. For the amount of space he was offering, the rent was cheap at $465. I fell in love with a child’s room, which was roomy nonetheless and had a miniature closet. :3

The only problem was that the owner wasn’t absolutely sure he would be renting out the place to me. He needed at least one other person guaranteed to sign the lease to be able to rent it out to me. :(


Crazy for new EM stuff

Have you seen this?

I am going crazy. As a make-up enthusiast, deals like this drive me absolutely nuts. I. Want. EVERYTHING. Literally.

However, make-up purchases should be done with much prudence so I am probably not going to get anything. For others trying to build a nice make-up collection, the EM new colors section is a great place to start.


Birthday Wish #7

This post is part of a birthday wishlist series.

We’ve now crossed over to things that actually cost money. (I know, #9 costs money too, but cakes can also be homemade so HA!) To be honest, it’s a little hard for me to think of store bought things that I could want for my birthday, because my family was never the gift-giving sort. Anyway,

For my birthday, I would be really happy if someone gave me a new shiny rock.

Yes, rocks.


Birthday Wish #8

This post is part of a birthday wishlist series.

For my birthday, I would also like some thoughtful birthday greetings. Comments such as “You are awesome” will be very much appreciated and definitely reciprocated. :)

”] More

Birthday Wish #9

This entry is part of a birthday wishlist series.

For my birthday, I would also like a delicious, scrumptious, absolutely sinful cake.

I want a big one, too. (That's what she said.)


From Our Backyard

We had a little rain that cooled us here in Jersey earlier today (I should say, last night). I stepped outside to enjoy the smell of wet earth and caught sight of the stunning sky. The view from our backyard isn’t that great (Curse you, city living!) but I hope you still enjoy the colors which, in my opinion, are what sunsets are all about.


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