Apartment Hunting in Athens

Another thing off my summer to-do list, whoohoo! My family and I drove to Athens early Sunday morning to do business there on Monday. It was a fun, exhausting, crazy, and scary day, and the best way to tell the story is to go through my itinerary.

MONDAY, July 25

8.30 – Meeting with Mr. Teacher

My parents and I arrived at the location a bit early. All parties were only half-awake during the tour of the house. Everything in the house was either new or like new. For the amount of space he was offering, the rent was cheap at $465. I fell in love with a child’s room, which was roomy nonetheless and had a miniature closet. :3

The only problem was that the owner wasn’t absolutely sure he would be renting out the place to me. He needed at least one other person guaranteed to sign the lease to be able to rent it out to me. :(



Started: Room Clean Out

… and three small surprises. :)

One of the things in my summer to-do list is to clean out my side of the room that I share with my Nana. Even though I have been off from school for almost two months now, I haven’t quite gotten around to doing it because I’m always more interested in doing something other than cleaning my room.

Today, I decided I would finally start cleaning our room (Read: This is probably it unless I feel otherwise.). I mean, cmon, what’s a better way to celebrate freedom (Happy 4th!) than to be free from eyesores? I took some (very embarrassing) pictures of the problem areas in the room just so you can have a solid idea of what we’re dealing with here.


Started: Apartment Hunting in Athens

I felt that since today was the first day of July, it would be the best day to officially start looking for an apartment in Athens. I am thankful that the internet has caught on for real estate because now 50% of the work is sitting in front of a computer screen and clicking away half-mindlessly (as per usual). This post is going to be about the other 50% with which the internet (for all its infinite magic) will not be able to help me.


Done: Coney Island

Monday is my least favorite day of the week because it follows my long-work hours at DD. I am usually too exhausted to do anything, but today I forced myself out of the house to cross one thing off my summer to-do list.

The weather today was perfect for visiting Coney Island.


My Summer To-Do List

Even though I’ve been out of school for more than a month now, my summer hasn’t officially begun. You’re going to laugh, but because Doctor Flash was only in NJ for a month, I had to put most of my life on hold. A month goes by fast, if you are not careful, and because I expect he will not be back until the middle of December, I was going to make each day he was here count.

He left today *cries* which means that my summer is officially open. This summer is particularly important for me because it is my last as a mostly-in-NJ resident and my first as a graduate student. I don’t know how much of a life I am going to have once the fall quarter begins, so here are a few things I hope to do before the summer is over.