Birthday Wish #1

This post is part of a birthday wishlist series. This post is about the most unreasonable thing I want for my birthday.

Birthday wish #1 was an easy pick and this post is going to be short.

If I really could have anything for my birthday, I wish Doctor Flash could be around to celebrate my special day with me. This may sound cheesy, but this year is the second year that he and I won’t be spending our birthdays with each other. Birthdays are special days and should be spent with special people, and that boy, well, he’s extra special.

There’s really nothing more to say about that.


The Saddest Thing I Saw Today

I saw the saddest thing today while on my way home from work. I wish I hadn’t been on foot, so that I could have had enough time to grab my camera and preserve that moment in a picture. Then again, why would I want a picture of something sad? Maybe so you’d believe that it actually happened.

Under the shadow of an abandoned building, a man sits with one leg resting on the pavement, and one knee up so he can rest his arm on it. He is unkempt, and he looks exhausted and half-starved. He must be homeless. Close to him is an almost empty Coke Zero bottle.