Excel is stuck in stupid (via The Mind of Scubba Steve)

“Society is stuck in stupid.”

Things I like about this:
– It’s brief.
– It uses alliteration.
– It’s true.

Excel is stuck in stupid Microsoft could learn a few things from Apple about aesthetics The other day a co-worker and I discussed how boring work is. The conversation started off with me complaining abuot Excel and how it can be quite annoying and tedious. He responded "Excel is stuck in stupid." I started thinking. Work can be a bit more interesting if the programs we used everyday looked a little more appealing to the eye. It's worse enough that we sit in a cubicle all … Read More

via The Mind of Scubba Steve


WTH is Gnosticism?

In reading Invitation to a Beheading by Vladimir Nabokov (writer of Lolita), my literature class got into a discussion on what gnosticism is. (Read the Wiki on Gnosticism here.)

For almost all of my entire adult life (Which isn’t that long, really. Just trying to make a point here.), I have been trying to get my head around the concept of the Supreme Being. Organized religion seemed to me an inadequate source of information, science was too critical of the Divine’s existence, and all philosophy only showed me that both sides of the existence argument could be true. I settled with being deist, which isn’t really saying much. When I heard about gnosticism, I decided to read about it, hoping, I suppose, to get better answers than I’ve had thus far.


Favorite Chocolate Chip Recipe

If there is one thing that can account for my not-so-slender figure, it’s my love for all things sweet. Recently, I took up baking thanks to a recommendation from a friend who knew all sorts of nifty ways to decompress.
This recipe is by no means original, but I did experiment here and there so that the cookies will come out exactly the way I like them.

How to French Braid Your Own Hair

I’ve let my hair grow up to the small of my back now. This, I knew while I was growing it, was a bad idea because my hair has its own personality.

Someone asked me a few weeks ago whether I braided my own hair. The answer is yes. The truth is that for someone with my type and length of hair, there aren’t that many hair style choices:


An Emerging Genre?

Maybe after reading this you will say that I am exaggerating, that, strictly speaking, what’s going on is not the creation of a new genre. Maybe you will tell me that the only thing is that people are relearning the value of a combined effort. But I will invite you to look at the hits of 2010 and see for yourself – artists realize its power and they are not likely to forget anytime soon.

Let me list a few of the songs that made charts (in no particular order):

  1. California Gurls: Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dogg
  2. Love the Way You Lie : Eminem feat. Rihanna
  3. Airplane: B.o.B feat. Hayley Williams
  4. OMG: Usher feat. Will.i.am
  5. Break Your Heart: Taio Cruz feat. Ludacris


LDR Irk#1

When my boyfriend and I were deciding on whether to go on this LDR, or long-distance relationship, my friends (I don’t know about his) generally thought that it would be a bad idea. That’s what people say, right, LDRs are just doomed to fail. In our case, there really was no chance it would work: we’d be 5 timezones apart and we’d both be really too busy to keep in touch.

Well, here we are, 6 months into our LDR, and I thought I would share one of its irks.


Help me help you: Part I

My job at the writing center is, for the most part, very enjoyable. In my opinion, I get to share with other students two of my favorite things – literature and rhetoric.

This is what a typical rough draft looks like when a student comes in:

Yay for neatness!


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