Rutgers in the Summer [part deux]

Yesterday, while looking through the pictures that I took of Rutgers, I said to myself that I would do it again and this time, I would take my time. This would have made for great pictures, had the sun been out as much as it was on Wednesday. But alas! the sun decided to take a half-day so the pictures aren’t as awesome. Ah, but let’s let you decide that for yourself.



Rutgers in the Summer

Even though I went to Rutgers for four years, I’ve never been there in the summer, mostly because my summers are better spent than in the dull but imposing buildings of the university. On Monday, my boss sent me for an errand across the plaza and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I don’t think I have ever seen Rutgers so lush and so green. It made me kinda sad that I’ve only realized this now, when I’m about leave. But, I suppose, better late than never.

Here are some odd-angled photos that I took. I was going for, “here are the ugly buildings, but here are the pretty plants.” Whether I succeeded, I will leave for you to judge.


Done: Coney Island

Monday is my least favorite day of the week because it follows my long-work hours at DD. I am usually too exhausted to do anything, but today I forced myself out of the house to cross one thing off my summer to-do list.

The weather today was perfect for visiting Coney Island.


Owl City: All Things Bright and Beautiful Concert

Edit: I’ve updated the set list to include Meteor Shower, which I had mistaken for Swimming in Miami, although I could still swear that he played that song.

Spoiler Alert! I will talk (possibly endlessly) about the show – the front acts, Owl City’s performance, set list, and the like – and post a few images. People who do not want to such information are requested not to read on.

As you all must know by now (especially if you frequent the iTunes “Recent Hits” tab), Owl City released his sophomore album last week entitled All Things Bright and Beautiful. Listening to a record is very different from seeing an artist perform live, so when the opportunity presented itself (Amex/LiveNation presales are the best!), he and I grabbed ourselves a pair of tickets to the show.


Review: GE Power Pro x500

I have been on the market for a great camera. I had my eyes on a Nikon S3100 a few months ago because I thought it would make a great hobby camera. I still think that, and if only my mom would take hers for a spin now and again, we all can find out for sure.

Anyway, I was still on the market until a few weeks ago when I settled on a beauty. I’ve been stalking its Amazon page almost everyday and when Amazon slashed the price last week, I immediately bought it.

GE Power Pro x500


Relationship Milestone

Doctor Flash and I have been together for three years and four months. For young people like ourselves, that’s a long time. For a couple that will find any and every excuse to be together, it’s an incredibly long time. Although I don’t say this with any resentment, our dating life has settled – we know which movies we can see together, which dessert we’ll get even though we’ve just sat down, and we know what times are “too early” or “too late.” I guess you can say we’ve come to that point in our relationship where we sometimes feel like a cute old couple.

Yes, we're the goofy couple that shares meals at restos. :)

However, yesterday was a relationship milestone for us.