Birthday Wish #3

This post is part of a birthday wishlist series. This post is the second most unreasonable thing that I want for my birthday.

Making the top 3 of my I-want-for-bday-gracias list is something I have, in fact, been wanting since forever. I don’t tell most other people this because it is somewhat embarrassing, but since it’s my birthday…

For my birthday, I would really, really like a nice leather bag.



Note to self: You have too much stuff in your purse.

I was at the verge of tears because I thought I lost my treasured (albeit, cheap) fountain pen. I looked twice, I looked thrice. It wasn’t there. And I’m sure, coz I emptied the purse out on Monday after I used it. Then I looked everywhere else in my room – still no luck. I even checked the sweater I wore on Monday and I still didn’t find it.

I thought, cmon, it has to be in my purse. So I checked again. And there it was…

Hidden at the bottom because the inside sidepocket was so heavy that it’s not on the side anymore.

So, note to self: clean out your damn purse.