In the Rain

What I really wanted to was dance in the rain, but when I opened the door there was a pretty little butterfly, by the storm window, who was trying to hide from the rain. I grabbed my camera (a mere 10 steps from the door) but when I returned the butterfly was gone. First lesson of the day: Always have your camera in tow.

Then I threw the dancing idea out the window completely and decided to take advantage of what photo opportunities there were.

First, an experiment with moving water. Following Scott Bourne’s advice, I manage to scrape the following images. I was on shutter priority, because I feel it gives me more control.

f/6.6, ISO-80, for 1/2 sec

f/6.6, ISO-80, for 1/2 sec

Sadly the one above needed heavily editing to be even barely usable. I’m not a purist, but I like to get the right shot from the camera if I can. Anyway, even after editing this one is still subpar.

The next two would have been gorgeous if I had exposed it correctly. These also went through some intense photo editing (and my lens had raindrops on it. Eeep!).

f/6.6., ISO-80, for 1/5 sec

f/6.6, ISO-80, for 1/5 sec

Still experimenting with moving water but instead of highlighting movement, freezing it.

f/3, ISO-254, for 1/30 sec

At 1/30 sec, you can see a little bit of movement in the puddle, but I did a better job of capturing the ripples at 1/100 sec.

f/3, ISO-400, for 1/100 sec


f/3, ISO-400, for 1/100 sec

That last one would have been really great if I didn’t have rainwater on my lens.

f/3, ISO-283, for 1/100 sec


f/3, ISO-268, for 1/100 sec

Now for some macro shots:

For an impromptu photo session it wasn’t bad. I would have been able to take more, if I didn’t take so long trying to perfect the gutter rivers. (I had taken so long by the time I was done with those the rain had almost completely stopped.)

Taken an impromptu photo excursion recently? Tell me about it!


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