Recommended: Sail by the Stars

There’s a post in this blog somewhere in which I talk about looking for a new band to obsess over, as my beloved Mae has decided it was time for them to go. :( That said, I have been looking around for artists that will charm me, hopefully in the same way that Mae did. I was pleased when I came across this artist.



A Quick Rant About My Hair

I find zero comfort in the fact that according to Conair’s heat setting-hair type table for their curling iron, my hair is considered “very resistant.” Whyyyyy. On the upside, thank god there is such a setting because I would otherwise not be able to enjoy gorgeous wavy hair, albeit only before bed time. Nyaha.

Back to my paper which I haven’t started and is due in less than 48 hours. Let the write-a-thon begin!

Noah and the Whale: Last Night on Earth

It’s here!!! Noah and the Whale’s third album Last Night on Earth.

I don’t think I can explain my attraction to the band. What I can tell you is that it was songs like “5 Years Time” and “The First Day of Spring” that drew me in. I was in for a surprise with this album from the moment I put it on.


State of the Unions?

I was reading about Tom Morello’s participation against the current “union-busting in Wisconsin,” as Rolling Stone describes it.

Morello said:

I grew up with a firm belief that the leverage we have as working people is through the union. It’s the only counterweight to the greed of corporate power.

I wish I could agree. More

As I sat in front of my computer reading blogs, cup of hazelnut coffee in hand, I felt content. I had gotten acceptances into graduate school and in a matter of months, I can officially add the word “teacher” into my identity.

Then I happened to glance at the little note I wrote of all the things I needed to get done over spring break. There are five things on the list, and only one is crossed out. The break is on its last legs and I still had a ton of work to do. Fuck.


I won’t kiss you coz you’re not Irish.

If there’s one holiday I will never quite understand, it’s St. Patrick’s Day. First of all, non-Irish people celebrate it even though it is an Irish holiday. Second, no one seems to know who St. Patrick is. Finally, all that people care about is the booze and use the holiday as a convenient excuse to get wasted, as if they really needed an excuse for that.

Anyway, my weekend job is in Hoboken, where the St. Patty’s Day parade is a big deal. In the years that I’ve been there, I’ve accumulated quite a few things that I wish I could have said to people enjoying the festivities.


What’s that smell?

Let’s read something I came across on the interwebz:

Christians love (agape) homosexuals. What this means is that we want the best for homosexuals. Christians treat homosexuals the same as they treat anyone else — wanting the best that can be had for everyone. However, that does not mean Christians accept homosexuality as being a good lifestyle. Homosexuality is a sin. God hates sin.


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