Update: How to be an Awesome Significant Other

Remember the back-to-back posts that Doctor Flash and I what makes a great girlfriend/boyfriend? Well, Christ, Caitlin’s boyfriend, has finished with his list of what it takes for a girl to make it as wonderful in his book.

Read Chris’ opinion on what makes a great girlfriend.

Read Caitlin’s original post on what makes a great boyfriend.

Read my opinion on what makes a great boyfriend.

Read Doctor Flash’s opinion on what makes a great girlfriend. (It might be good to mention that this entry gets the most hits daily.)

Obviously, we don’t all agree on what makes a awesome significant other, but there are some areas where our opinions overlap. Have fun (re)reading. :)



Guest Post by Doctor Flash: What Makes a Good Girlfriend

As the previous post, this entry is inspired by Caitlin‘s post on how to be a great boyfriend. I think we are also still waiting on a response by her boyfriend, which should be in the works right now.

I asked my boyfriend to write a parallel post to “What Makes a Good Boyfriend” because it is only fair that the men should speak their mind (I am a believer in equality of the sexes!). I wrote my entry independent of his writing his so I am quite delighted to see that we have put down some of the same things on our list. Anyway, without further ado, here is Doctor Flash’s take on what makes a good girlfriend.

Note: While the post is definitely safe for work, it contains some strong language and sexual references that you may find offensive. By clicking read more, you agree that such language is acceptable and that you will NOT flag the post.