Crazy for new EM stuff

Have you seen this?

I am going crazy. As a make-up enthusiast, deals like this drive me absolutely nuts. I. Want. EVERYTHING. Literally.

However, make-up purchases should be done with much prudence so I am probably not going to get anything. For others trying to build a nice make-up collection, the EM new colors section is a great place to start.



EM Blushes :]

Fact: I smile a lot.

Fact: My cheeks define my face.

Conclusion: I must be a blush girl.

I am. I can go without lipstick. I can go without eye liner. But I gotta have color on my cheeks.

I have been experimenting with Everyday Minerals recently because their products are affordable but up to par with major labels. I got myself three of their blushes and got a free mini as part of their weekly promotion. I’ve had about two weeks to try these babies out.


EM Abbott’s Perk Me Up Concealer

I hope to graduate this spring. Other than the pressure of doing the best possible in all of my classes, there’s also the pressure of looking my best for senior portraits. I have bags under my eyes, scars from zits, and redness around the corners of my mouth and under my lower lip.

I have never owned concealer. I have been a Bare Minerals baby for a while now and I use my foundation to multitask as concealer. Tbh though, I was never quite satisfied with the effect so I shopped around. I came across Everyday Minerals and bought their Abbott’s Perk Me Up Concealer to try.