Birthday Wish # 6 and Birthday Wish # 5

This post is part of a birthday wishlist series.

I would have made two separate posts for these two, but since they are closely-related, I figured I’d put them in one. I don’t consider myself a photography expert, although I do think of myself as a photography enthusiast. This is why for my next two wishes, I want something for my camera.

Birthday Wish # 6

I would love to have this super cool “stand” for my cameras.

Clampette, where have you been all my life?

What is it? It’s a clampette. Essentially, it enables you to use anything with a horizontal/vertical surface as a stand. That means areas you wouldn’t otherwise prop your camera on a tripod due to, well, sheer ridiculousness of the idea –  say, a fence, a chair or a wall – you would do so with this baby. The clampette works just like a tripod, only it doesn’t have any legs. This is perfect for time-lapse shots, for self-portraits, and pretty much just taking fun shots. :)

Birthday Wish #5

The other thing want for my camera is this color filter set.

Color filters FTW

If you have a photo suite, getting color filters is probably not going to be on your list. But for someone like me, who invests some time and energy exploring the wonders of analog photography, color filters are a magical thing. My Diana Mini doesn’t take color filters, unlike another one of Lomography’s cameras, the Holga. (You give up some versatility when you for the cheaper option, sometimes.) These filters win on ease of use since you won’t have to attach it to anything, just hold in front of your lens and shoot. Sweet. And because you don’t load them into anything, the photographer also has the option of just covering the flash with one of the filters to make the lighting interesting, especially when you’re outside of a studio set up. How cool is that?

If I were to get these two, I would probably get the clampette first, before the color filters, just because a versatile photo stand seems to me to be more useful in the long run than color filters. But since you’re getting them for me (you are, aren’t you?), why don’t you be a dear and get them both? :)

Do you own a camera? What’s the accessory you wish you could get for it? Tell me about it in the comments!


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  1. ahromada
    Aug 04, 2011 @ 16:22:19



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