Summer Care

I love summer! No matter how much I love summer, however, my skin has to be at its best, if I want to rock it under the sun. Here are a few things on my list that help me and my skin feel absolutely lovely.

Are your legs ready for summer?



A Med Student’s Dilemma: For Doctors-to-Be and Patients

I was on Facebook earlier, feeling rather like a failure because nearly all of my friends seem to have decided to become doctors (WTF guys? Kidding.) (Not really. Only slightly.) or at least my news feed was filled with med school related updates. There was one that caught my attention, and I think this is something that both doctors-to-be and patients-to-be can think about.


My Love Affair with Neutrogena

When Doctor Flash let me borrow his memory card, I managed to find pictures of myself from last summer.

What awful skin I had last summer.

This will be the only one I show you, because this is the only one I can bare to look at. I knew I had awful skin, but I didn’t know it was that bad.

My skin now.

When I look at these two pictures, I’m amazed at how much my skin has improved, and when I think about it, I have my love affair with Neutrogena to thank.


Done: Coney Island

Monday is my least favorite day of the week because it follows my long-work hours at DD. I am usually too exhausted to do anything, but today I forced myself out of the house to cross one thing off my summer to-do list.

The weather today was perfect for visiting Coney Island.


My Summer To-Do List

Even though I’ve been out of school for more than a month now, my summer hasn’t officially begun. You’re going to laugh, but because Doctor Flash was only in NJ for a month, I had to put most of my life on hold. A month goes by fast, if you are not careful, and because I expect he will not be back until the middle of December, I was going to make each day he was here count.

He left today *cries* which means that my summer is officially open. This summer is particularly important for me because it is my last as a mostly-in-NJ resident and my first as a graduate student. I don’t know how much of a life I am going to have once the fall quarter begins, so here are a few things I hope to do before the summer is over.


Owl City: All Things Bright and Beautiful Concert

Edit: I’ve updated the set list to include Meteor Shower, which I had mistaken for Swimming in Miami, although I could still swear that he played that song.

Spoiler Alert! I will talk (possibly endlessly) about the show – the front acts, Owl City’s performance, set list, and the like – and post a few images. People who do not want to such information are requested not to read on.

As you all must know by now (especially if you frequent the iTunes “Recent Hits” tab), Owl City released his sophomore album last week entitled All Things Bright and Beautiful. Listening to a record is very different from seeing an artist perform live, so when the opportunity presented itself (Amex/LiveNation presales are the best!), he and I grabbed ourselves a pair of tickets to the show.


Update: How to be an Awesome Significant Other

Remember the back-to-back posts that Doctor Flash and I what makes a great girlfriend/boyfriend? Well, Christ, Caitlin’s boyfriend, has finished with his list of what it takes for a girl to make it as wonderful in his book.

Read Chris’ opinion on what makes a great girlfriend.

Read Caitlin’s original post on what makes a great boyfriend.

Read my opinion on what makes a great boyfriend.

Read Doctor Flash’s opinion on what makes a great girlfriend. (It might be good to mention that this entry gets the most hits daily.)

Obviously, we don’t all agree on what makes a awesome significant other, but there are some areas where our opinions overlap. Have fun (re)reading. :)


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