Crazy for new EM stuff

Have you seen this?

I am going crazy. As a make-up enthusiast, deals like this drive me absolutely nuts. I. Want. EVERYTHING. Literally.

However, make-up purchases should be done with much prudence so I am probably not going to get anything. For others trying to build a nice make-up collection, the EM new colors section is a great place to start.

L-R: EM Disco Inferno and EM Glam Guru

These are two of the new blushes that EM has. Disco Inferno is a matte rose and Glam Guru is a shimmer pink. I think both of these colors will go great with the tan I hope you are getting this summer. Both blushes are priced at $9 each for 5.5. grams of product.

Mini Freestyle Collection featuring (L-R) Summer Stroll, Sand Cherry, Rhapsody in Peach, Truly Tiger, and New Car Smell plus an angled blush brush

For $21, Mini Freestyle Collection offers five mini size shimmer blushes in shades of coral plus an angled blush brush. Buy this if you like having a wide selection of colors to choose from.

Three blushes and six eye shadows in one kit. <3

If I were to get one thing from the EM new colors, I would get this kit. It comes with three lovely blushes (in full size, not travel, mind you) that are no longer available for individual purchase from the EM store: Pink Snowflakes (pink shimmer), Eskimo Kiss (plum shimmer), and Cookie Sheet (rose shimmer). It also comes with six wearable colors of eye shadow in travel size. This kit is available for $24.

Lovely shades of blue

Another one for my wishlist: Summertime Blues set. It comes with five travel size eye shadows in a range of blues. And for all that, it is only $10.

Have a travel kit yet?

If choosing which make-up to travel is a pain, then get yourself this kit. 99 Degrees in the Shade comes with two travel size eye shadows and an eye shadow brush, a mini size blush (Wake Up Call: red shimmer), a sample size eye shadow (Little Black Dress: matte black), and a lippie. It also comes with a bamboo bag for stashing this set when not in use. This kit is available for only $16.

Depending on how well-stocked you are on make-up, you might find some items appeal to you more than others. As for me, I’m drooling over the Christmas Kit Reissue (except I already have Eskimo Kiss, but omigosh, to get everything else!).

What’s on your make-up wish list? Find anything you like in the EM new colors page?


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