In the Rain

What I really wanted to was dance in the rain, but when I opened the door there was a pretty little butterfly, by the storm window, who was trying to hide from the rain. I grabbed my camera (a mere 10 steps from the door) but when I returned the butterfly was gone. First lesson of the day: Always have your camera in tow.

Then I threw the dancing idea out the window completely and decided to take advantage of what photo opportunities there were.



Film vs. Digital Photography

Because school-slash-work has eaten up a lot of my time since my move to Athens, I haven’t spent a lot of time behind a lens. I got a Holga 135 as a belated birthday present complete with a lens set to be proud of — wide angle, telephoto, and fisheye — but I haven’t been able to take it for a spin until early in the spring. My x500 has also been pretty much tucked away, in the closet, for other than a brief exploration of what surrounds the house I’m in, I hadn’t any occasion to use it. My Diana Mini, the poor thing, has a roll of film in it from god-knows-when.

Anyway, with two film cameras and Instagram, I’ve grown a bit accustomed to the grainy, light-leaked, soft-focused image. So imagine how surprised I am when I took a picture of myself using my x500 — it was relatively so clear. So recently I’ve been trying to figure out where I stand on the discussion on whether film or digital photography is best.


Neat discovery about my x500

I know, I know. I have been away.

I was playing around with my x500 today when I discovered that if you happen to half-press-press the shutter release while reviewing an image, the shutter releases. I have a picture of my leg to prove for it.


Who Wants an ActionSampler? I want an ActionSampler.

Technically, this post should count as part of my birthday wishlist, but I don’t think it does. So. HA!

Anyway, I was looking through Adorama‘s catalogue today and saw one of Lomography’s cameras – the ActionSampler. I should admit, when I was first looking at 35mm film cameras, I thought a multilens camera was a bad idea. Now that I think about it, though, I can’t really think of why I thought it was a bad idea.

Lomography's ActionSampler in Chrome


One of the Many Reasons My Job Rocks

There's more than what meets the eye. Srsly.

This is the view I had from the front desk at my job on Tuesday when my boss asked me to cover someone’s shift. I know you’re wondering, why am I looking at this picture? To that I say, ask not what is in the picture but what is not in the picture. See, on Tuesday, the writing center had little to no action (like your mom!) and someone had a brilliant idea on how to spend it.


Naupaka: A Hawaiian Folktale

Yesterday, one of my coworkers saw me reading an anthology of Japanese folktales. She offered to tell me a Hawaiian folktale about a plant that grows in Hawaii. The story moved me close to tears and I want to share the folktale with you.

In Hawaii there is a kind of plant that grows, which has two varieties. There is a kind that grows by the ocean and one that grows by the mountain. But what’s striking about the plant is that its flowers only bloom in perfect halves. This is the story of why the Naupaka flowers only grow that way.

Some lovely Naupaka flowers.


A Med Student’s Dilemma: For Doctors-to-Be and Patients

I was on Facebook earlier, feeling rather like a failure because nearly all of my friends seem to have decided to become doctors (WTF guys? Kidding.) (Not really. Only slightly.) or at least my news feed was filled with med school related updates. There was one that caught my attention, and I think this is something that both doctors-to-be and patients-to-be can think about.


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