Birthday Wish #9

This entry is part of a birthday wishlist series.

For my birthday, I would also like a delicious, scrumptious, absolutely sinful cake.

I want a big one, too. (That's what she said.)

That’s right, I want cake for my birthday. Why? Because on my birthday no one can cast me death glares for pigging out. HA! No, that’s not it. I want cake because it’s traditional. No flans or brownies or whatever else people are thinking of these days as birthday staples. I want cake. End of story.

I’m not particular when it comes to flavor. Good cake is good cake, but… good cake must be good cake. I will take no excuses. When I put that cake into my mouth, I will possibly want to cry for having lived twenty-something years without cake as delicious as that cake. Yes, that’s the cake I want.

Mmm, cake.


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  1. ahromada
    Aug 04, 2011 @ 16:22:49



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