When you like someone’s dog…

Before anything else, I should confess that I avoid most of my ex’s at all costs. There are about three who have made a successful transition from lover to friend, but that’s not usually the case. Now that that’s out of the way…

A few years ago, one of my ex’s moved two blocks away from our apartment. School was a convenient excuse not to see her (yes, her). Three weeks ago, I got a creepy text that said she was right behind me and when I turned around, well, there she was.



Layering Colors

Consider this: You like wearing blush. You also like shopping for blush. But your wallet is telling you to hold off on the purchases. What can you do to wear new shades?

Layer on the colors! :)

The Everglow Follow-up

A few weeks ago, after Mae announced that The Everglow digital download is going to be $5 on Amazon for the month of April, I started a little giveaway.

Congratulations to Dee, Richard, and Aaron! I’ve gifted the album to you if you’ve already confirmed which e-mail you want it sent to. :)

I just wanna take a quick second to share Dee’s beautiful thank you, not because it’s a thank you, but because of what it implies about Mae’s music. She wrote

Thank you for giving me a new way to relive those moments when I felt infinite.

I never thought of putting it that way. I always felt that Mae’s music revitalized me in a way I can’t quite explain, but Dee put it perfectly. Now that I think about it, that’s exactly how good music should make you feel – infinite.


Staying Moisturized

If the weather yesterday is any indication, this year’s summer is coming with a vengeance. Time to take out all of the pretty dresses that have been put all the way in the back of your closet in some sort of forced leave.

But wearing dresses means that your skin has to be ready to show off. Dry skin is a no-no if you’re showing off those gorgeous legs and arms (not to mention that tan we both know you worked hard for). And if you’re like me, creams and lotions are no-no for the heat either because they tend to get sticky and icky quickly (unintentional rhyme there). So what’s a girl to do?


Redeeming Anberlin

I say “redeeming” because I have long ago decided that I didn’t like their music. No, really. Despite the Amazon recommendations, despite the iTunes recommendations, despite the thumbs up I occasionally gave their songs on Pandora, I refused to download their songs. I didn’t like them.

Until Sunday anyway.


Note to self: You have too much stuff in your purse.

I was at the verge of tears because I thought I lost my treasured (albeit, cheap) fountain pen. I looked twice, I looked thrice. It wasn’t there. And I’m sure, coz I emptied the purse out on Monday after I used it. Then I looked everywhere else in my room – still no luck. I even checked the sweater I wore on Monday and I still didn’t find it.

I thought, cmon, it has to be in my purse. So I checked again. And there it was…

Hidden at the bottom because the inside sidepocket was so heavy that it’s not on the side anymore.

So, note to self: clean out your damn purse.

How to be a Lady on Facebook

You’d think that by now all the girls on Facebook have learned the etiquette required in such a website. But since some have proven the contrary, here’s a brief but reliable how-to on deserving being called a lady.

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