Birthday Wish #10

In order to force myself to write, I decided to come up with a topic that I can cover in a series. With my birthday right around the corner, I figure the easiest thing to talk about would be my birthday wishlist. Hence, dear reader, expect updates once every Tuesday and Thursday over the span of 5 weeks on the ten things that I wish to get for my birthday. Also expect that by #5, the wishes become increasingly unreasonable and unlikely. 

The following entry will be the first in the Birthday Wish series.


A nice quiet day at the beach, with lots of sun and not freezing dihydrogen monoxide (H2o).

Props to the one who can also get me this view. :)


If you haven’t already figured this out, I am a beach bum. I love anything and everything related to the sun, sand and shore (nice alliteration there, lol).

Going to the beach is really the only thing I ever ask for explicitly on my birthday. This is because I find a certain sort of serenity that only the ocean water brings. If I had an element, it would probably be water. Well, water and fire. Talk about extremes.

I wish on my special day (or around then, I’m not really picky) my family and I can go down the shore and spend a nice day together. I also wish the water would cooperate and actually be warm enough to swim in. And I hope there’s no raining either. When I come home from that beach day, I want to be nice and toasty. Yeah. I’m not asking too much, right?


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