Coney Island with the lovely Emilie

Even though I’ve made several trips to Coney Island beach, I’ve still never gone to any of the Coney Island theme parks. Yesterday, my friend Emilie and I decided to take a trip there to spend some time with each other and with our cameras.

This post is a bit of a photo-dump so feel free to navigate away.

As  usual, these pictures are taken with my GE Power Pro X500. I used color filters in some of them because, well, color filters are fun (Review of Kola Color Filters to follow.).

Shot of the iconic Cyclone from the train platform



Birthday Wish # 6 and Birthday Wish # 5

This post is part of a birthday wishlist series.

I would have made two separate posts for these two, but since they are closely-related, I figured I’d put them in one. I don’t consider myself a photography expert, although I do think of myself as a photography enthusiast. This is why for my next two wishes, I want something for my camera.

Birthday Wish # 6

I would love to have this super cool “stand” for my cameras.

Clampette, where have you been all my life?

What is it? It’s a clampette. Essentially, it enables you to use anything with a horizontal/vertical surface as a stand. That means areas you wouldn’t otherwise prop your camera on a tripod due to, well, sheer ridiculousness of the idea –  say, a fence, a chair or a wall – you would do so with this baby. The clampette works just like a tripod, only it doesn’t have any legs. This is perfect for time-lapse shots, for self-portraits, and pretty much just taking fun shots. :)