Crazy for new EM stuff

Have you seen this?

I am going crazy. As a make-up enthusiast, deals like this drive me absolutely nuts. I. Want. EVERYTHING. Literally.

However, make-up purchases should be done with much prudence so I am probably not going to get anything. For others trying to build a nice make-up collection, the EM new colors section is a great place to start.



Layering Colors

Consider this: You like wearing blush. You also like shopping for blush. But your wallet is telling you to hold off on the purchases. What can you do to wear new shades?

Layer on the colors! :)

EM Blushes :]

Fact: I smile a lot.

Fact: My cheeks define my face.

Conclusion: I must be a blush girl.

I am. I can go without lipstick. I can go without eye liner. But I gotta have color on my cheeks.

I have been experimenting with Everyday Minerals recently because their products are affordable but up to par with major labels. I got myself three of their blushes and got a free mini as part of their weekly promotion. I’ve had about two weeks to try these babies out.