Update: How to be an Awesome Significant Other

Remember the back-to-back posts that Doctor Flash and I what makes a great girlfriend/boyfriend? Well, Christ, Caitlin’s boyfriend, has finished with his list of what it takes for a girl to make it as wonderful in his book.

Read Chris’ opinion on what makes a great girlfriend.

Read Caitlin’s original post on what makes a great boyfriend.

Read my opinion on what makes a great boyfriend.

Read Doctor Flash’s opinion on what makes a great girlfriend. (It might be good to mention that this entry gets the most hits daily.)

Obviously, we don’t all agree on what makes a awesome significant other, but there are some areas where our opinions overlap. Have fun (re)reading. :)



LDR Irk#2

Remember that post I had a few months ago about long distance relationships? Well, I feel like I’m ready to add to that today.

This Friday, Doctor Flash leaves for year II of med school. By my count, this is the third time he’s leaving for an extended period of time but I feel now as I did when I first found out he was going to be attending med school out of the country.


Relationship Milestone

Doctor Flash and I have been together for three years and four months. For young people like ourselves, that’s a long time. For a couple that will find any and every excuse to be together, it’s an incredibly long time. Although I don’t say this with any resentment, our dating life has settled – we know which movies we can see together, which dessert we’ll get even though we’ve just sat down, and we know what times are “too early” or “too late.” I guess you can say we’ve come to that point in our relationship where we sometimes feel like a cute old couple.

Yes, we're the goofy couple that shares meals at restos. :)

However, yesterday was a relationship milestone for us.


Guest Post by Doctor Flash: What Makes a Good Girlfriend

As the previous post, this entry is inspired by Caitlin‘s post on how to be a great boyfriend. I think we are also still waiting on a response by her boyfriend, which should be in the works right now.

I asked my boyfriend to write a parallel post to “What Makes a Good Boyfriend” because it is only fair that the men should speak their mind (I am a believer in equality of the sexes!). I wrote my entry independent of his writing his so I am quite delighted to see that we have put down some of the same things on our list. Anyway, without further ado, here is Doctor Flash’s take on what makes a good girlfriend.

Note: While the post is definitely safe for work, it contains some strong language and sexual references that you may find offensive. By clicking read more, you agree that such language is acceptable and that you will NOT flag the post.


What Makes a Good Boyfriend

This post was inspired by a post that my friend has on her blog. Read Caitlin’s post here.

Lady Gaga can make awesome dance tunes about bad romances, but let’s be honest, no one wants to have to deal with those. Sometimes, a girl can put a lot of effort to make a relationship work, but it still doesn’t. This tells me that the issue is on the other side of the court. While I’m far from being the perfect girlfriend, I’ve had my fair share of relationships, and I’ve made this list of what it takes to be a great boyfriend.


Cutest Baby EVER

Last week, my boyfriend Andy shared with me a picture of what he thought our kids are going to look like.

Here’s what he sent me:

The future child of Mr. Cowtown and Ms. Cornville :)


The Trash

Things between my friend and her <3 went sour a few weeks ago. They were at the point where they needed to decide whether they were going to try to be an official couple or stay friends.

My friend decided that they were worth a shot, that they could make it work. He decided otherwise and also decided that the best way to go about telling her was to treat her coldly, as if they were barely even friends.

Sometimes, the Supreme Being takes the liberty of taking out the trash.

She told me that she prayed and prayed and prayed until she finally realized that God did her a favor by getting that man out of her life. I am not much of a believer in the Divine when it comes to human relationships, but I’m pretty sure that any guy who can’t muster up the courage to tell you face-to-face that he wants to be friends is definitely trash. In fact, trash like that is so toxic that he should be put in a metal barrel and sunk into the bottom of the Antarctic Ocean or wherever else it is that nuclear waste gets sent to.

Oh, you noticed the “recycables” pile? I’ll get to that another time.

My personal take on this is that if someone is willing to pass up a chance to be with you and does not have to balls and respect for you to even consider talking it over with you and decides to drop you like a hot potato, man, that person doesn’t deserve you. So no matter how awful it is that things fell apart, thank God. He just decluttered your life.