Relationship Milestone

Doctor Flash and I have been together for three years and four months. For young people like ourselves, that’s a long time. For a couple that will find any and every excuse to be together, it’s an incredibly long time. Although I don’t say this with any resentment, our dating life has settled – we know which movies we can see together, which dessert we’ll get even though we’ve just sat down, and we know what times are “too early” or “too late.” I guess you can say we’ve come to that point in our relationship where we sometimes feel like a cute old couple.

Yes, we're the goofy couple that shares meals at restos. :)

However, yesterday was a relationship milestone for us.

Don’t laugh. He and I have been together for three years and four months and yesterday was the first time that we had a date on a Saturday. Okay, let me write that again, in case you read the first one too fast.

Yesterday     was the first time     that we     had a date   on a Saturday.

The idea amazed the both of us. The realization hit me as we were driving to the City, and I realized that it was the first time I had ever requested off from my weekend-job on a Saturday that’s not Christmas. For the last four years, I had worked at DD during the weekends to help cover costs in school, and days off meant no cash to spend. Now that I’m finished with my undergrad, playing hooky isn’t so bad.

So what did we do?

First, we went to see the Harry Potter exhibit at Discovery Times Square. The both of us are Potheads so that was quite the experience for the both of us. As per the policy, we don’t have pictures of the gallery. But we do have these:

At the entrance to Discovery Times Square

And, since it’s pics or it didn’t happen:

Guess the color of the day!

Did you guess correctly?

After HP, we went to our favorite place in TSQ – Toys R Us. Don’t shake your head. We were both grown-up kids, now we’re kids who happen to be grown up. What did we do? Ride the ferris wheel, of course! (Another first. Even though we have both gone to that Toys R Us a bajillion times, it was the first time we actually rode the ferris wheel. Whee!)

Pretty lights :)

We also did some touristy things while we were at Toys R Us, like take pictures in front of the giant dino, in front of Optimus Prime, and pretty much everything else.

If you look hard enough, you can see the giant dino's tail behind us.

And by accident, we found an awesome geo section!

It was only two small shelves of polished rock, but I felt like I was gonna die. In fact, I might have said that a few times. I heart rocks.

If you were wondering, I did get myself one rock – a lovely rose quartz about the size of a quarter. :)

Doctor Flash only had one request before we left: he wanted to stop by Animal Alley.

I don't know about you, but I am a sucker for a guy who is not afraid of huggable things.

After we had exhausted all possible activities there, we headed out to 21 Club, where Doctor Flash and I had an amazing dinner. Amazing. My favorite course? Dessert – pistachio torte.

By 8 p.m. the both of us were comfy in our seats in the August Wilson Theatre, ready to enjoy Jersey Boys. Again, no pictures. House rules. Anyway, take my word for it. It was fantastic. I went home with one question though: can a guy be that talented? Hm.

At curtain, the cast and prod must have been exhausted, but then, so were we. I’m surprised Doctor Flash had any energy to drive us home. I was passed out on the passenger’s seat, trying to catch some Zs before my morning shift at DD. Haha.

It was our first Saturday date and it was good fun. The only thing that bothers me (honestly) is that my boyfriend blew a lot of money for the both of us that day. I’m Miss Save-for-a-Rainy-Day so having a grand  day like we did was, well, unusual for me. Will I do it again? Hell yes.


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  1. Cait
    Jun 20, 2011 @ 21:44:27

    You two are so cute!!!!!!!! :)


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