Who Wants an ActionSampler? I want an ActionSampler.

Technically, this post should count as part of my birthday wishlist, but I don’t think it does. So. HA!

Anyway, I was looking through Adorama‘s catalogue today and saw one of Lomography’s cameras – the ActionSampler. I should admit, when I was first looking at 35mm film cameras, I thought a multilens camera was a bad idea. Now that I think about it, though, I can’t really think of why I thought it was a bad idea.

Lomography's ActionSampler in Chrome



Birthday Wish # 6 and Birthday Wish # 5

This post is part of a birthday wishlist series.

I would have made two separate posts for these two, but since they are closely-related, I figured I’d put them in one. I don’t consider myself a photography expert, although I do think of myself as a photography enthusiast. This is why for my next two wishes, I want something for my camera.

Birthday Wish # 6

I would love to have this super cool “stand” for my cameras.

Clampette, where have you been all my life?

What is it? It’s a clampette. Essentially, it enables you to use anything with a horizontal/vertical surface as a stand. That means areas you wouldn’t otherwise prop your camera on a tripod due to, well, sheer ridiculousness of the idea –  say, a fence, a chair or a wall – you would do so with this baby. The clampette works just like a tripod, only it doesn’t have any legs. This is perfect for time-lapse shots, for self-portraits, and pretty much just taking fun shots. :)


The Abominable Instagram

Last year, I got into analog photography. I got myself a Diana Mini from Lomography and started shooting away. Growing up in the digital age, I view the whole process of taking pictures and getting prints as being more intimate than the point-shoot-upload process that has become second nature to a lot of people. 

Now, there’s this app for the iPhone called Instagram which people have recently taken up and is really starting to get on my nerves.