Cutest Baby EVER

Last week, my boyfriend Andy shared with me a picture of what he thought our kids are going to look like.

Here’s what he sent me:

The future child of Mr. Cowtown and Ms. Cornville :)

Two things:

First, I’m gonna make sure that my kids take to Harry Potter like fish to water, which means that get ups like this will be likely. My boyfriend got that right.

Probably by accident, this baby actually has “the Mangunay nose.” It’s the family trait, on my mother’s side of the family, that distinguishes Mangunay children from others. I think it’s possible that my future children will indeed have this kid’s nose, and (of course!) my slits-for-eyes.

So I’ve saved this picture on my phone and every now and then I catch myself starting at it, smiling. It’s more than just a cute baby, I think.

What makes me smile is the thought of having found a man with whom I can comfortably talk about the future in words that imply eventuality. I don’t have to worry about scaring him off with statements like “When we get married,” or “When we have kids.” It’s wonderful to have found someone who shares and cultivates my vision of the future with a degree certainty. And because of this indescribable inevitability to all these things, there’s no rush planning. Things will happen when their set times come.

I guess this is what people call security. Feels good. :)

P.S. I sent my boyfriend an email yesterday telling him how much I adore this baby. He replied, “I can’t wait to meet our kids someday. :) “


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