Rewind: Gregory and the Hawk at Mac’s Bar, plus Emily Leong

On June 8, Gregory and the Hawk (a.k.a. Meredith Godreau) was to be in Cleveland for the WMC Fest. Due to a turn of events, Mr. Harvdog and I had to be in Michigan that weekend, but luckily GATH was going to be in East Lansing, which is on the way to where we needed to be.

Road trip!

Unfortunately, there are no pictures of GATH or Emily Leong in this post. Because of the long drive, it was more desirable for Mr. Harvdog and I to take the bus on the way to Mac’s Bar, which meant I had to travel light. I had only my purse and my phone and no camera.

Anyway, even though I wanted to attend the arts and music fest in Cleveland, I’m glad we ended up in Michigan instead because I got a chance to listed to the very awesome Emily Leong. If you ever have the chance to see her live, please do. You will enjoy yourself, I promise. According to Leong’s Facebook, she intends to have an album out this month, so be on the look out for that.

Meanwhile, GATH performed a lot of new songs from her new album, Come Now, which came out early in June. The album has a lot of the same flavor that make GATH what it is, but it also demonstrates musical growth that happened since her previous album Leche. According to Godreau, there was a point between the last album and the current one when she thought she wasn’t going to write anymore music (*sob*) but when she did, she wrote the songs in the current collection.

Like all good artists, GATH is even better in person than she is on her records. When I came to the show, there was one song I hoped she would do — “For the Best” from Leche — and she did play that song. She also played her oldies but goodies like “Isabelle,” and even closed the show with “Boats and Birds.”

GATH has a special place in my heart, because her music kept me company when I was doing my thesis two years ago. Here’s a playlist on Spotify which I hope you will enjoy.


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