One of the Many Reasons My Job Rocks

There's more than what meets the eye. Srsly.

This is the view I had from the front desk at my job on Tuesday when my boss asked me to cover someone’s shift. I know you’re wondering, why am I looking at this picture? To that I say, ask not what is in the picture but what is not in the picture. See, on Tuesday, the writing center had little to no action (like your mom!) and someone had a brilliant idea on how to spend it.



Worse than Crack

It’s the first thing I do in the morning. It’s the last thing I do at night. While in school or at work, I have to fight myself not to do it.

Sometimes, I can’t help myself. I think, It’ll only be a minute. So I do it, hoping I would feel better afterward. I never do. In fact, sometimes I feel worse.


Career Advice from a Stranger

There’s no way that I can write without sounding like a snob. I apologize in advance if you are the kind of person to give unsolicited advice. Oh, here’s one for you: Stop giving unsolicited advice, especially to strangers. Gracias. More