One of the Many Reasons My Job Rocks

There's more than what meets the eye. Srsly.

This is the view I had from the front desk at my job on Tuesday when my boss asked me to cover someone’s shift. I know you’re wondering, why am I looking at this picture? To that I say, ask not what is in the picture but what is not in the picture. See, on Tuesday, the writing center had little to no action (like your mom!) and someone had a brilliant idea on how to spend it.

Granted, this is not in any way typical of the writing center. I mean, sure, we’re pretty chill, but not as chill as we were on Tuesday. Okay, let me get to that already.

In that room, in that dark, quiet, air conditioned, unfurnished room, one of my coworkers decided to take a nap. On the carpet. Using an unopened bag of table napkins as a pillow. I’m serious.

On Tuesday, as I browsed the web on the front desk computer, I truly understood why I became an English major. Let’s see you go into the corporate world and catch some Zzzs while on the clock (Yes, she was totally on the clock). But it’s not just about this blatantly (even, offensively) chill attitude in the work place. It’s about our chill attitude in general.

But don’t you dare think that’s we’ll be easy on your essays, that we won’t correct your grammar in conversation, or that we’ll let ourselves get bad grades. No, what’s so magnificent about being around this company of folks is that we are deceptively chill – we don’t sweat the small stuff. You wanna nap? Go ahead. Need to make a quick stop at the pharmacy or the post office? Sure thing. And you won’t hear a word about it from us. But if your clients (in our case, students) start to suffer because you’re not paying attention or because you care too little to be bothered with helping them (in our case, teaching them), well, you’ve got another thing coming. It’s probably going to be a worn (but still hefty) copy of the Norton Anthology of English Literature, and it’s also probably going to hit you where it’ll hurt the most. Yes, we’ll let you slack on occasion, but we also expect the absolute best from you when it counts. No excuses.

I wanted one that said "English majors," but there isn't one so we're gonna have to settle for this. Not that librarians are necessarily English majors, because library science is totally different.

My job rocks because the people I work with rock, no matter how far from day 1 of college they are (My boss actually fully supported the said nap on Tuesday, if you can believe it.) . They’ll always be smiling and willing to help and have a (literary) factoid to share for your cocktail parties. The office will be quiet, but never boring. How lovely is that?

The six-figure salary I gave up when I decided I wasn’t going to be an engineer? I don’t think I’ll miss it. But I wonder if those who make that six-figure salary ever realize what they gave up.

Do you have a job that rocks? Or if it doesn’t (sorry!), what’s the redeeming aspect of your daily grind?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ahromada
    Jul 08, 2011 @ 12:58:05

    You found the picture! Librarians do have the tightest buns!

    You can still have a six-figure salary as a professor.

    Being a med student can be looked at as my job. The redeeming aspect of my daily grind? Any patient contact where the patient isn’t skeptical of me just because I’m a med student because it makes me feel that much closer to being a doctor. :)


    • sm1tt3nk1tt3n
      Jul 08, 2011 @ 13:01:54

      It’s funny you say that because whenever a student assumes that I’m either a finishing grad student or already a composition professor, I feel all warm inside. I like to think that this implies that I work on that calibre, and that feels amazing.

      Anyway, being a student IS a job, and it isn’t easy either. At least not if you want to be a good one.


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