Naupaka: A Hawaiian Folktale

Yesterday, one of my coworkers saw me reading an anthology of Japanese folktales. She offered to tell me a Hawaiian folktale about a plant that grows in Hawaii. The story moved me close to tears and I want to share the folktale with you.

In Hawaii there is a kind of plant that grows, which has two varieties. There is a kind that grows by the ocean and one that grows by the mountain. But what’s striking about the plant is that its flowers only bloom in perfect halves. This is the story of why the Naupaka flowers only grow that way.

Some lovely Naupaka flowers.



Update: How to be an Awesome Significant Other

Remember the back-to-back posts that Doctor Flash and I what makes a great girlfriend/boyfriend? Well, Christ, Caitlin’s boyfriend, has finished with his list of what it takes for a girl to make it as wonderful in his book.

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Obviously, we don’t all agree on what makes a awesome significant other, but there are some areas where our opinions overlap. Have fun (re)reading. :)


A Lesson in Love

Once, I admitted to my boyfriend that I measure the success of my relationships based on how closely they resemble my parents’ relationship. I’m sure my parents’ relationship has its faults, but my parents seem to genuinely care for and respect each other. That, I think, is more than any child can ask for.

I want to share something my father said yesterday. Moving to America has been, quite honestly, like living Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle. Let me put it another way: it wasn’t easy and we’re coming to the point where we’re doubting it ever will be.