Aggravated customers!

I had a 10 am meeting today. I anticipated delays in mass transit, so I left waaay earlier than I usually would. When I got to the bus stop, I was pleased to find that there were people still there. For all you car-driving folks, having people at the bus stop means that the bus hasn’t come yet.

World, meet NJ Transit’s aggravated customers.

If only you could hear what they were saying...

Here’s the deal, guys. NJ Transit has a little bit of a monopoly when it comes to mass transit. In Common-Name Ave where the ## bus stops there is only one other bus that passes by, and it does so about every one hour to one and a half hour, unlike the ## bus that does so about every 20 to 30 minutes. About 3 long blocks from Common-Name Ave, in Fancy-Name Ave, NJ Transit customers have the option of taking other equally delayed buses that may not even pass by their stop.

There’s also the matter of the bus pass we spent money on. If we’ve prepaid for their service, we are going to wait right there, where our unreliable ## bus should be!

That guy with the yellow face looks really upset…

And we’ll wait.

And wait.

We’ll yell and curse, but we’ll wait.

And wait.

Now might be the best time to mention that the reason those people with yellow faces are so gosh-darned angry is because there were not one, not TWO, but THREE ## buses that simply passed us by. What douchebags.


Whyyy. I can understand delays but to simply pass us by? Are you serious? :( We had to stand there about 15 more minutes before another ## bus actually picked us up.

The super-important-guy-who-gives-my-grades I was supposed to meet probably thinks I feel that my time is more important than his. It’s not. I arrived 10 minutes late. I feel like a douche.

Fun fact #1: NJ Transit drivers intentionally mess-up the bus timetables because it’s some sort of a wage-hike strategy.

Fun fact #2: The wage hike is never gonna happen because of one thing – unemployment.

Guys, give it up. Until NJ Transit runs out of unemployed men and women who just want to make it through this week with whatever money they can manage, your hourly rate is stuck where it is. So let’s all just go back to sticking to the bus timetables and we’ll not be douchebags to each other. (Plus, I hate being a douchebag unintentionally to people who can affect my future like professors who don’t deserve it.) K?