Oh Fortuna!

I love Oh Fortuna! It just sounds sooo epic. Chances are you’ve heard of Oh Fortuna too but you just didn’t know it. Even though it is probably the most used (and parodied) score, it is not usually referred to in its name.

Browsing through my iTunes library the other day, I noticed that I have two versions of Oh Fortuna.



Cutest Baby EVER

Last week, my boyfriend Andy shared with me a picture of what he thought our kids are going to look like.

Here’s what he sent me:

The future child of Mr. Cowtown and Ms. Cornville :)


Sometimes, you just have to keep going.

Since school is pretty much over (just finals this week and next), I’ve found myself with some extra time. Last week, I decided I’d use some of that time to go running.

Because I hadn’t gone running in a long time (and I mean, a long time), I told myself that I had to set a reasonable goal for myself. I also told myself that, regardless of whether I reach that goal or not, I would not beat myself up over it. So I got dressed, started to blast my running mix, and I was off.


Lace, ribbons, flowers, and shades of pink

I don’t remember my high school graduation season being this busy, but it seems so many days in May until right before the commencement exercises is booked for some dinner, some ceremony, some tribute. By complete coincidence, I bought a dress on sale at Delias which I think I’ll wear for an event next week.


Clutches :)

I don’t know why, but I think clutches are ultra feminine. This is why when I was hanging around Delias.com and came across these babies, I was uber pleased. :)