My Love Affair with Neutrogena

When Doctor Flash let me borrow his memory card, I managed to find pictures of myself from last summer.

What awful skin I had last summer.

This will be the only one I show you, because this is the only one I can bare to look at. I knew I had awful skin, but I didn’t know it was that bad.

My skin now.

When I look at these two pictures, I’m amazed at how much my skin has improved, and when I think about it, I have my love affair with Neutrogena to thank.



Staying Moisturized

If the weather yesterday is any indication, this year’s summer is coming with a vengeance. Time to take out all of the pretty dresses that have been put all the way in the back of your closet in some sort of forced leave.

But wearing dresses means that your skin has to be ready to show off. Dry skin is a no-no if you’re showing off those gorgeous legs and arms (not to mention that tan we both know you worked hard for). And if you’re like me, creams and lotions are no-no for the heat either because they tend to get sticky and icky quickly (unintentional rhyme there). So what’s a girl to do?