Playlist: Train

It took Pandora and a tender moment to introduce me to Train. They have been around for a while, but as with most things mainstream, I have stayed away.

The song that came up on Pandora was “Marry Me.” The title is romantic, but the lyrics are actually very context-specific. Still, it was a good listen.

I will admit I was not brave enough to wade through all of Train’s songs, so what you have in this playlist are only from their two most recent albums. The list is short but sweet. Consider it an introduction to Train.

Title — Album

  1. You Already Know — Save Me San Francisco
  2. Bruises — California 37
  3. Sing Together — Save Me San Francisco
  4. Parachute Save Me — California 37
  5. You Can Finally Meet My Mom — California 37
  6. To Be Loved — California 37
  7. Marry Me — Save Me San Francisco
  8. When the Fog Rolls In — California 37

As usual, I’ve ordered the songs in a progression that makes sense, but this is your first time listening to Train, feel free to shuffle.


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