Well, first week officially living in Athens. Which means. Which MEANS! NO INTERWEBZ.


My housemate said she’s gonna call the company really soon. I hope “really soon” means right now, because I’m going insane without internet. Plus, I have some backlogged posts on things I’ve crossed off my summer to-do list plus a bunch of other stuff too.

What did we do before internet? Lol.


Coney Island with the lovely Emilie

Even though I’ve made several trips to Coney Island beach, I’ve still never gone to any of the Coney Island theme parks. Yesterday, my friend Emilie and I decided to take a trip there to spend some time with each other and with our cameras.

This post is a bit of a photo-dump so feel free to navigate away.

As  usual, these pictures are taken with my GE Power Pro X500. I used color filters in some of them because, well, color filters are fun (Review of Kola Color Filters to follow.).

Shot of the iconic Cyclone from the train platform


Birthday Wish #1

This post is part of a birthday wishlist series. This post is about the most unreasonable thing I want for my birthday.

Birthday wish #1 was an easy pick and this post is going to be short.

If I really could have anything for my birthday, I wish Doctor Flash could be around to celebrate my special day with me. This may sound cheesy, but this year is the second year that he and I won’t be spending our birthdays with each other. Birthdays are special days and should be spent with special people, and that boy, well, he’s extra special.

There’s really nothing more to say about that.

On RS: The Sheepdogs

I am going to be honest: I didn’t much care that The Sheepdogs were on the cover of Rolling Stone as much as one of the guys in the band look like Jacob Marshall from Mae. After flipping to where the feature was and discovering (with some dismay) that it was not Marshall at all, I decided to read it since I was there already.

If you read RS, then you know that they don’t always talk about their fronties with a relish. The feature on Lady Gaga was written with more obvious admiration than the feature on Katy Perry even though one should be able to say that they are equal in pop appeal, although to who they appeal may vary. Anyway, this particular feature made me smile, made me laugh, and made me feel bad in all the right times. By the time I finished it, I was in front of a computer, on the Sheepdog’s MySpace, listening to their tracks.


Birthday Wish #2

This post is part of a birthday wishlist series. This post is the third most unreasonable thing I want for my birthday.

I have invested the most amount of time thinking about this birthday wish. Not that it’s anything particularly important, in which case it would probably cease to be an “unreasonable” birthday wish. Nor is it, to be honest, anything too expensive. To me the only reason this birthday wish is unreasonable is the fact that I don’t need it but want it.

For my birthday, I’d like a bottle of Versace Bright Crystal.

You had me at "Bright."


Birthday Wish #3

This post is part of a birthday wishlist series. This post is the second most unreasonable thing that I want for my birthday.

Making the top 3 of my I-want-for-bday-gracias list is something I have, in fact, been wanting since forever. I don’t tell most other people this because it is somewhat embarrassing, but since it’s my birthday…

For my birthday, I would really, really like a nice leather bag.


Yes, I want a checkbook.

I was at a Chase branch yesterday opening a checking and savings account. Rosa, the friendly lady who assisted me, was surprised when I insisted on getting a checkbook for my account.

“What bills will you have?” she asked.

“Mostly rent,” I replied.

“You can’t do that online?”

I thought for a second. “I don’t think I can.” While my reply is not altogether false, it might not be altogether true either. Satisfied with my answer, she told me that 100 checks cost around $20 and I nodded my approval. Now I’m just waiting for my checkbooks to arrive.

This is how I imagine I look when I'm writing checks.


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