Coney Island with the lovely Emilie

Even though I’ve made several trips to Coney Island beach, I’ve still never gone to any of the Coney Island theme parks. Yesterday, my friend Emilie and I decided to take a trip there to spend some time with each other and with our cameras.

This post is a bit of a photo-dump so feel free to navigate away.

As  usual, these pictures are taken with my GE Power Pro X500. I used color filters in some of them because, well, color filters are fun (Review of Kola Color Filters to follow.).

Shot of the iconic Cyclone from the train platform

Subway sign from the street; shot using neon yellow color filter

This is where the subway track ends.

Left: Emilie posing in front of street art. Right: Emilie leaning against a lamp post

Another one of the Cyclone; shot using yellow color filter

Entrance to Luna Park

In Coney Island, guests are expected to render services too.

Swings; shot using green color filter

What does this mean?

Giant conch; shot using violet color filter

Tread lightly.


The many faces of Emilie


Garbage in transit

I’m glad that Emilie and I still went to Coney Island even though the overcast was a little threatening earlier that morning.

Got any photo trip ideas?


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