Birthday Wish #3

This post is part of a birthday wishlist series. This post is the second most unreasonable thing that I want for my birthday.

Making the top 3 of my I-want-for-bday-gracias list is something I have, in fact, been wanting since forever. I don’t tell most other people this because it is somewhat embarrassing, but since it’s my birthday…

For my birthday, I would really, really like a nice leather bag.

There won’t be any images here so feel free to click here to look at bags by Fossil. I don’t have a specific style in mind (duffel or messenger) nor do I have a color picked out (black or brown) so we’ll just keep it in general terms.

The truth? I think I’ve outgrown my book bags. When I’m trekking the city in my raggedy dress and flip flops, I could care less if my Jansport looks like it’s from four years ago (it is). But when I’ve cleaned up for a job interview or a lecture that I’m having, I would prefer not to be sporting a backpack. Not that I have anything against backpacks (other than they hurt my back). There’s just some things we out grow. Kind of like juice boxes. *sips from a juice box*

When the spring semester started, I said that I would save up enough money for either a Disney trip or a nice leather bag. It’s almost the end of the summer and I’ve spent $0 on both because all my money is currently being funneled to my semi-alone life in Athens. No leather bags for this kitty. :(

Unless you give me one. Which you should. Coz you love me. See, I just made you smile there. And this post just made you want to get me something less unreasonable off my birthday wishlist. *Jedi mind-trick*


P.S. If you’ve ever walked down Madison Ave and passed by one of the shops and saw a white, snakeskin duffel by Gucci, you’ll know that even though I haven’t a specific style of bag in mind, I really have one already picked out. ;)


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  1. ahromada
    Aug 04, 2011 @ 16:21:50



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