Who Wants an ActionSampler? I want an ActionSampler.

Technically, this post should count as part of my birthday wishlist, but I don’t think it does. So. HA!

Anyway, I was looking through Adorama‘s catalogue today and saw one of Lomography’s cameras – the ActionSampler. I should admit, when I was first looking at 35mm film cameras, I thought a multilens camera was a bad idea. Now that I think about it, though, I can’t really think of why I thought it was a bad idea.

Lomography's ActionSampler in Chrome

The ActionSampler gets its name from the fact that it takes 4 sequential shots from one shutter release therefore capturing subjects in action. If you’re asking, what if my subject isn’t moving? Well, then the one (that means you!) holding the camera should do the moving. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

It does.

And the fun continues! Because of the camera’s design, the prints of your film are multiframe. If you share the philosophy that all pictures tell a story, well, this camera lets you take pictures that do just that (Remember to tell your lab about the 4-frame shots!). Vignetting, of course, is a Lomography given.

A couple of sample shots from Amazon.com:

Sample shot using ActionSampler from Amazon.com

Another sample shot using ActionSampler from Amazon.com

At $23, this camera is very inexpensive, as most plastic cameras are, although the film is not. Well, it is, but not if you’re going to learn how to use this camera on this camera (Quick arithmetic: $23 for camera + $5 for film + $10+ for film processing = too expensive @ $38+). I am also concerned that there will be some serious parallax error because this camera does not have a viewfinder other than the pop-up plastic thingy on top. :s

Overall, though, I think this will be a fun camera to have. I don’t think it is for everyone (Digital has spoiled us!) but I do think that if an owner who gives this camera a fair chance is sure to fall in love with it. And when I say owner, I really mean me.

I. Want. IT!

Do you own a multilens camera or plan to get one soon?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ahromada
    Aug 03, 2011 @ 00:51:06

    Wait, when you say it’s plastic, do you mean it’s a disposable camera or that it’s just a regular film camera and that regular 35mm film is expensive?

    Otherwise, it looks like an awesome camera!


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