Birthday Wish #2

This post is part of a birthday wishlist series. This post is the third most unreasonable thing I want for my birthday.

I have invested the most amount of time thinking about this birthday wish. Not that it’s anything particularly important, in which case it would probably cease to be an “unreasonable” birthday wish. Nor is it, to be honest, anything too expensive. To me the only reason this birthday wish is unreasonable is the fact that I don’t need it but want it.

For my birthday, I’d like a bottle of Versace Bright Crystal.

You had me at "Bright."

I first caught a whiff of this in a sample pack that came with a purchase that I made with Macy’s. I was obsessed with it after that. No, really. You can ask my Doctor Flash and he will tell you that I can’t walk through a mall without asking him if I can please spritz some of this stuff on me (and my stuff too, haha).

So what’s to love about Bright Crystal? For me, it’s the magical combination of fruit and floral scents. Among the top notes is pomegranate, a scent already wonderful on its own. Peony, a floral scent that’s feminine and flirty, is part of the middle notes for this perfume. Seeing all this in writing you probably think the perfume will be a little overpowering with sweetness. Nope. It’s wonderfully light and inoffensive (Yes, perfume can be offensive too. Sometimes even morally.).

Now comes the question, if I love it so much, why didn’t I just buy it? Simple, I don’t need it. I already have bottles and bottles of perfume that this, well, would just put the others to waste. That and the fact that it’s a little pricy. Not too pricy, but pricier than my current trusty perfume, Estee Lauder Pleasures Exotic.

There’s nothing more to say about that. I’m hoping that I finish all my perfume soon so I’ll have an excuse to get this one soon. Haha. No, really.


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