Birthday Wish #7

This post is part of a birthday wishlist series.

We’ve now crossed over to things that actually cost money. (I know, #9 costs money too, but cakes can also be homemade so HA!) To be honest, it’s a little hard for me to think of store bought things that I could want for my birthday, because my family was never the gift-giving sort. Anyway,

For my birthday, I would be really happy if someone gave me a new shiny rock.

Yes, rocks.

The green “enjoy” rock I bought from a Native American-inspired store. I think it was about $3. The shinier rose quartz I bought when my boyfriend and I spent a night in the city and also cost about $3. I have more rocks, but I carry these two around all the time.
The reason I like rocks is that they’re cheap and their quality does not degrade over time. They do not require any kind of power supply and can pretty much survive any kind of violence I have a tendency to inflict.

I am not picky as to what kind of rock it is. As long as it feels good to hold and is nice to look at, I am happy.


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