Neat discovery about my x500

I know, I know. I have been away.

I was playing around with my x500 today when I discovered that if you happen to half-press-press the shutter release while reviewing an image, the shutter releases. I have a picture of my leg to prove for it.

First,a lesson: just because you’ve owned your camera for a while doesn’t mean you know all of its tricks. I honestly had no idea that my camera could do this. This means that some of what could be valuable to us is probably not on the forum we read twice a day or, heaven help us, the user manual. The best way to find out our camera’s capabilities is to use it.

Now, I have no idea why the camera has this capability. I also don’t know whether other cameras are able to do this. As far as I am concerned, there is nothing to gain by being able to shoot almost instantly from the review function. If you are reviewing a picture, that probably means that your lens is not pointed towards anything interesting (toward the ground, for example), and even if it were, you have no way to know exactly what’s in your viewfinder. The picture you take is at best a gamble, a Hail Mary shot (thank you to Mr. Harvdog for walking me through the phrase’s football roots).

Nevertheless, it’s good to know that my camera can do this. To me, anyway, the point of photography is to capture moments, so I’m glad I have a camera that help me do that despite what the image’s imperfections might be.

Some facts about the image above and the camera settings, in case anyone is interested:

  • The room where I was shooting was almost completely dark. From where I was sitting, without the flash, the camera captured black images.
  • The camera was set to Scene, Indoors.
  • The flash was on Red-Eye+Slow Sync.
  • I had a tissue in front of the flash to soften the light.

My only regret is that I didn’t have an interesting enough subject to capture when this happy accident happened. On the upside, my skin looks amazing.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ron
    Jun 11, 2013 @ 13:30:07

    Many digitals allow you to take photos quickly no matter what mode you are in, or to take videos even if you are in still photo modes (the Canons do the latter with their separate red video button).


  2. Ron
    Nov 05, 2013 @ 16:24:52

    I assume you are no longer monitoring your posts, as nothing from you in 2013. Would have liked a response to any of my comments from you or another user of a GE X500.


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