Done: Coney Island

Monday is my least favorite day of the week because it follows my long-work hours at DD. I am usually too exhausted to do anything, but today I forced myself out of the house to cross one thing off my summer to-do list.

The weather today was perfect for visiting Coney Island.

This did not mean, however, that getting there would be easy for me. From Herald Sq, I took the F train, as per Google’s instructions. [I should mention that while I was waiting for the said train, I kept thinking “Just take the Q. Forget the F, just take the Q.”] Now I don’t really know how it happened, but the F train I got on wasn’t the one I wanted. It was Brooklyn-bound, yes, but only went as far as Kings Highway, which isn’t even close to Coney Island. Anyway, I got off at the East Broadway stop (scary, like how a person would imagine Sherlock Holmes’ east London) and went back to Herald Sq. I took the Q train (as my intuition suggested earlier) and had a bit more luck.


The water was pretty cold, but after sitting under the sun, it was great to splash around in the cool water.

Check out the view from where I was:

Check out those amazing blues!

It really was great weather for hitting the beach.

City meets sand.

I spent my afternoon at the beach and when I was feeling slightly burned, packed up and hit the boardwalk.

Shot of the beach from the boardwalk

Fisheye shot from the boardwalk.

Pavillion and greens = <3

And because it’s pics or it didn’t happen:

Sadly, all my pictures are on the boardwalk.

<img title="I got these shades from AE and they are probably my favorite accessory of the summer

I love these shades!


Day at the beach = priceless :)

And one last thing: total expenditure for the day? $10.50. I only paid for transportation, since I packed my own lunch (coz I’m cheap like that) and admission to the beach is free (NJ, get with the program!). Do you know any activities in the city that cost under $20?

Even though I went with myself, I had tons of fun (I love the beach, that’s why). I might even come back. I will definitely be back.

Have you checked out the Coney Island beach? Did you like it? Which other beaches do you like? (I personally have a special place in my heart for Ocean Grove, NJ.)


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