Owl City: All Things Bright and Beautiful Concert

Edit: I’ve updated the set list to include Meteor Shower, which I had mistaken for Swimming in Miami, although I could still swear that he played that song.

Spoiler Alert! I will talk (possibly endlessly) about the show – the front acts, Owl City’s performance, set list, and the like – and post a few images. People who do not want to such information are requested not to read on.

As you all must know by now (especially if you frequent the iTunes “Recent Hits” tab), Owl City released his sophomore album last week entitled All Things Bright and Beautiful. Listening to a record is very different from seeing an artist perform live, so when the opportunity presented itself (Amex/LiveNation presales are the best!), he and I grabbed ourselves a pair of tickets to the show.

The show was at the Roseland Ballroom which, my boyfriend informed me while waiting for the show to begin, can be converted to suit any occasion – a boxing match, a dance competition, and (as for last night) a concert. Fatefully, the Roseland is next to the August Wilson Theatre, where we saw Jersey Boys last week.

The August Wilson Theatre

When we arrived at the venue the line was already halfway down the block and we were actually early enough (The doors opened at 5.30, we arrived at 4). It wasn’t so bad standing in line, except Doctor Flash and I were the only two people there over twenty who weren’t attending because of their kids.

Look at all the little kiddies!

And yes, the line did go passed the block soon after we fell in line.

More kiddies!

The doors opened late, which was a bummer, and there was no organization AT ALL going inside, so Doctor Flash and I didn’t as close to the stage as we (well, as I) would have wanted. But it’s okay.

More pictures of the attending crowd:

Last night, if you were taller than 5', you were sure to stand out.

And if you had a bald spot, you were a real rarity.

And if I asked you "Who's the boss?" and you answered "Tony Danza," you would feel like the freshest canned peach there ever was.

The opening act was Breanne Duren. The songs were amazing, but the vocals were shit.

Breanne Duren

Okay, that may have been too harsh. The vocals were sub par. If it weren’t for the awesome keyboard and drums, I would have booed her. Well, I wouldn’t have booed her. The little girls next to me were too busy yelling “You’re so cute” that I didn’t want to upset them lest they kick my shins. Anyway, don’t take my word for it, check out her Sparks EP. The songs are actually very good, you know, if only they were performed by someone else.

Thankfully, the next act was exponentially better. Praise heavens for Mat Kearney.

Mat Kearney

This lovely gentleman from Nashville, TN has the voice of the soundtracks they use for Grey’s Anatomy, or so my boyfriend says (I don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy so I don’t know). But more than his voice, he picked the right songs to perform – upbeat and danceable. He also braved the crowd, shook some hands, gave some hugs, and was just down amazing.

After that it was time for Owl City. Here is the set-list:

  1. The Real World (from ATBAB)
  2. Cave In (Ocean Eyes)
  3. Hello Seattle (Ocean Eyes, Of June)
  4. Angels (ATBAB)
  5. Umbrella Beach (Ocean Eyes)
  6. Meet You There (Maybe I’m Dreaming)
  7. Hospital Flowers (ATBAB)
  8. The Bird and the Worm (Ocean Eyes)
  9. Lonely Lullaby (single)
  10. Fireflies (Ocean Eyes)
  11. Dreams Don’t Turn to Dust (ATBAB)
  12. Kamikaze (ATBAB)
  13. Meteor Shower (Ocean Eyes)
  14. Galaxies (ATBAB)
  15. Alligator Sky (ATBAB)
  16. Deer in the Headlights (ATBAB)
  17. The Yacht Club (ATBAB)

When Young walked on to the stage, he approached the drum set first. Cute.

When he finished, the crowd couldn’t resist and called for an encore. Young was kind enough to do two more songs for the audience.

  1. How I Became the Sea (ATBAB)
  2. If My Heart Was a House (Ocean Eyes)

Young also performed Swimming in Miami (Of June), but I can’t for the life of me figure out where it falls on the list.  I think it was right around Umbrella Beach and Meet you there, but I can’t be sure. Apologies, guys. Young actually did Meteor Shower, not Swimming in Miami, and I’ve added it to the list above.

Anyway, as you can see, there are songs from all his albums, which means that whether you are an old Owl City follower or a new comer, you are sure to enjoy the show. Also, a little bit of courtesy on his part, I think, the bulk of the ATBAB songs, being newly launched, were saved for the end of the show, so that those who weren’t familiar with them yet did not have to feel any kind of left out. Sweet.

Now, if you’re like me, you might have been worried about how he’s going to sound live. Electronic music, being electronic music, is difficult to perform as it sounds on the record. But Owl City was as awesome live as he’s awesome on the record. It was magical.

Oooh, another thing. The performance of Alligator Sky was really cool. As you may have heard, the album version of that song (remix) features another artist. He probably could not come on tour, but that did not stop Owl City from absolutely nailing that song.

Shawn Christopher on the projector screen.

More photos:

Adam Young on an upright <3

Another one of Adam on an upright piano <3

And here are my two favorite shots of the evening:

He looks like such a rock-star in this one. Love it.

Young was stupendous on-stage, but he (or maybe, his producers) selected a very good tour band. Breanne Duren (yes, that Breanne Duren) is actually meaner on keyboards than she is with a mic. The string duo were also pretty bad-ass and were not afraid to rock it while seated in their seats. The tour band was fantastic.

I was told the show was not sold-out last night, but the house was pretty packed. Maybe I was told wrong. All of them also seemed eager enough to see Owl City perform, and if you ask me, only rightly so.

Now, the ATBAB tour does not wrap until the end of July, so if you have the time, catch a show near you. I highly recommend it.

P.S. I am in the process of uploading a video of Galaxies which I shot last night. Maybe I will get to share?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. N/A
    Oct 26, 2011 @ 00:30:25

    Awesome write up! Adam Young is incredibly talented and I’ve been hooked on his music since the moment I heard it. If you’re a Young fan, I’m sure you’ve listened to Sky Sailing, just some more of his amazing material.


  2. scratchieve
    Oct 27, 2011 @ 01:07:59

    awesome! he will be in indonesia tommorow and i’ve got the ticket. thanks for the set-list, nice share :)


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