Lace, ribbons, flowers, and shades of pink

I don’t remember my high school graduation season being this busy, but it seems so many days in May until right before the commencement exercises is booked for some dinner, some ceremony, some tribute. By complete coincidence, I bought a dress on sale at Delias which I think I’ll wear for an event next week.

I love the faded mauve color. :)

Can you believe I scored this baby for $15? Yeah, I can’t believe it either.

There are several things I love about this dress. First, I am a huge fan of lace, and I love the way that it is used in this dress since it draws the eyes to the shoulders and neck. The rutched bust, as you know, is God’s gift to the well-endowed *wink* so I loved that as well. The most important reason, I think, is that when I put the dress on, I felt like a goddess. No really, I felt amazing. And dresses like that don’t come along very often.

This is how I think I'll wear the dress.

As if the universe really wanted me to wear this dress, I found a long-lost clutch the other day. Also, I’ve commissioned a sprig of my mom’s baby’s breath decor to join me that evening. I haven’t decided if I’m just going to have one in hand or pin it to my hair. I think carrying it around in hand has more impact, though. What do you think?

The Nicolette dress reminds me of the dress I wore to Andy’s graduation two years ago.

I love this dress, even though I only wore it out once.

See how I love rutched busts on dresses? Hihi. I got this dress from Forever 21, for I think $30, but it’s so long ago I can’t remember.

I don't know which one I like better. They're both so cute!

Even though the Nicolette reminds me of this dress, this is different for a bunch of reasons. The most obvious (I think) is that the lace is not used as sparingly. The entire skirt is lace! Another difference is that this dress has a bubble hem, which dates it, I think. (I will be really sorry to put this dress on retirement when bubble hems are no longer fashionable.) In terms of color, this dress is a little more “notice me” with its really bright peach than the toned down mauve of the Nicolette. I don’t mind because either can be a good thing depending on what the occasion is. Lastly, this dress is a little shorter than the Nicolette; this one falls above the knee while the Nicolette is modestly tea-length.

Hastily put together, but I think it works.

Ribbons are a great accessory, and I’m sorry that not a lot of women wear it. I think I’ll french braid my hair (maybe section it in two, I haven’t decided) and tie a bow around the end. At first I thought I’d do the whole flower thing again, but there’s so much lace in this dress that I think it’s better to skip that idea.

I’m usually a very anti-social (or maybe just socially inept) person, but I’ll not miss these special occasions if it meant I’d get to wear lovely dresses.

What’s your favorite excuse to get gussied up?


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  1. ahromada
    May 03, 2011 @ 15:50:52

    My favourite excuse to get gussied up is you.


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