Staying Moisturized

If the weather yesterday is any indication, this year’s summer is coming with a vengeance. Time to take out all of the pretty dresses that have been put all the way in the back of your closet in some sort of forced leave.

But wearing dresses means that your skin has to be ready to show off. Dry skin is a no-no if you’re showing off those gorgeous legs and arms (not to mention that tan we both know you worked hard for). And if you’re like me, creams and lotions are no-no for the heat either because they tend to get sticky and icky quickly (unintentional rhyme there). So what’s a girl to do?

My great aunt (being the lovely woman that she is) shared this little secret with me. And all you need is some good ol’ body oil.

<img title="I l

As you can see, I've worked my way through the bottle. I bought this when winter started.

I personally like Neutrogena’s body oil because it dries well, it has a light enough scent that it will not interfere with my choice of perfume, and it is readily available.

What you want to do is smooth on the oil to your skin before you shower. I couldn’t believe it at first either but it really works and  you’re not shiny like a wrestler afterwards. Here’s how my great aunt explained it to me:

If you put some oil on your skin before you shower, the oil locks in your skin’s natural oils that soap takes away. Then, because you’ll be soaping your body in the shower, some of the excess oil will be gone by the time you hop out. When you towel off, you’re not greasy, just soft and yummy.

Yes, my great aunt said yummy. Anyway, this method really works and I’ve stuck to it even in the winter. What I love most about it is that my skin does not have to be dry and I don’t have to deal with stick and icky creams. Another upside is that because some of the oil gets washed down, you don’t have to worry about baking in the sun. And, really, because I love perfume, I don’t have to worry about smelling all sorts of weird with a lotion that competes with my perfume. Yay. :)

Now go out there and enjoy this awesome weather we’re having!


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