Layering Colors

Consider this: You like wearing blush. You also like shopping for blush. But your wallet is telling you to hold off on the purchases. What can you do to wear new shades?

Layer on the colors! :)

This is something I do, because it’s my personal belief that beauty should be within a reasonable budget. It’s also a way for me to get exactly the shade I want. And considering our already cramped apartment, I need to keep my make-up inventory small but sweet.

What you need:

  • pots of blush that you have
  • a patch of skin to do swatches on
  • an eyeshadow brushes (optional)
  • creativity – This is probably the most important. Okay, it’s the most important after the blush.
  • wet-nap, for cleaning up
  • notepaper and pen, for taking note of successful trials

What to do:

If you are using pressed blush, you can skip this step. Shake some blush on to the lid of the blushes – do not mix them yet! You want to be able to have a kind of before-after comparison to see whether mixing the colors you are playing around with is even worth it.

Take your eyeshadow brush (or use your fingers) and swatch one color on to your skin. Make a separate swatch of another color. Then, make a swatch of those two colors together. I personally prefer using my fingers to do this because I’ve found it’s easier to make sure my pigments don’t mix as opposed to when I use a brush, plus my hands are easier to clean. :)

Here are some of the swatches I did (Btw, you will excuse me for doing a lot of the coral shade. Coral is in this season.):

L-R: EM Walkee Talkee, EM Rhapsody in Peach, mix

I didn’t particularly like how the first one turned out. On to the next!

L-R: EM Text Message, EM Walkee Talkee, mix

This one, I was actually surprised, turned out alright. The russet from Text Message and the berry from Walkee Talkee actually produced a wearable pink.

L-R: EM Text Message, EM Rhapsody in Peach, mix

Very lovely nude from the combination of the russet from Text Message and the coral from Rhapsody in peach.

L-R: EM Rhapsody in Peach, EM DVR Saturday, mix

Not a fan of this one. :|

L-R: BE Amused Rouge, EM Rhapsody in Peach, mix

The combination produced a shimmering color. I love this because Amused Rouge is a matte color and the Rhapsody in Peach helps add a little dimension.

L-R: BE Amused Rouge, EM DVR Saturday, mix

Another one with Amused Rouge. I love this one because the mixture of the two produced a wonderful berry color. Win, win, win.

In the swatches that I did, I only used two colors at a time, but there is no rule as to how many you can use at a time. Just let your creative side show and mix whatever and however you feel like. If you’re looking to make a “new” shade for something special, take the time to experiment before hand. As you can see from some swatches above, not all of them come out pretty.

When you are actually putting the make up on, the best way to do it is to slowly build color, alternating the colors that you are using. I find that mixing colors before putting them on can sometimes be a waste of product.

Have fun layering! :)


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