How to be a Lady on Facebook

You’d think that by now all the girls on Facebook have learned the etiquette required in such a website. But since some have proven the contrary, here’s a brief but reliable how-to on deserving being called a lady.
  1. Don’t post pictures of yourself wearing something that covers less than half of your body. Be modest. Those who got it that flaunt it, want it. You don’t want to be associated with the other 90% of the scantily clothed women on the internet, do you?
  2. Don’t make rude hand gestures on your pictures or curse on your posts. It’s neither funny nor cute. What it is is just plain obnoxious.
  3. Don’t post passive-aggressive status updates. If you have an issue with someone, let that person know directly. Nothing says “I don’t have social grace” than making your private grievances public.
  4. Don’t let the entire world know about your vices. Your drinking, your smoking, and your excessive partying don’t make you cool. They make you seem desperate for attention. Having vices doesn’t mean you have a life; it means you need one. It’s sad.
  5. If you know that you are not one to keep a boyfriend for long, save the relationship update when you are sure where the relationship stands. Whether it is true or not, changing boyfriends like they’re socks just screams daddy issues.

I would say all of those are doable. But if you find you can’t stick to them, it’s okay. You’ll make the rest of us women extra admirable. Thank you in advance.


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