Casa Verdugo: Why I Didn’t Download It

A few years ago, my boyfriend introduced me to the group Cornerstone Cues (Click here to listen to some of their songs.) because I happened to mention that I liked soundtracks. I currently have 4 of their collections (Air Lyndhurst, Eton Path, El Morro, and Requiem for a Tower) and have been waiting for quite a while for them to come out with a new collection.

In September of last year, they came out with Casa Verdugo wherein the group collaborated with a bunch of artists. (Read my opinion on collaborations here.) When I saw it on Amazon, I gave the samples a go and was disappointed.

The collection lacked a unified theme. I am not sure if I was supposed to expect that since Cornerstone Cues literally worked with a bunch of people. Nevertheless, I didn’t like that the tracks were pretty much everywhere. The clarity that defined El Morro and Requiem for a Tower are missing from this collection.

The vocals in some of the tracks were not strong. Cornerstone Cues creates soundtracks, lyrics are optional. I don’t have a problem with people singing in soundtracks, but the artists who do sing in this collection sound a little American Idol audition-y for my taste. They just weren’t that good.

Cornerstone Cues tried to explore they’re musicality… in the span of 37 tracks. Probably not a good idea, especially if the people who have followed them are particular about the group’s signature sound. I’m not saying that the group should not have experimented with their sound. I think that’s a great idea since it will give their future a new dimension. What I think is a terrible idea is to do that experimenting over 1 hour and 45 minutes.

There were not that many library-worthy tracks. I listened to all of the samples a couple of times and I’m just not sold. I like to listen to Cornerstone Cues when I’m working late and, while listening to the samples, I couldn’t see myself working through the music. On, the entire collection sells for $7.99 for all 37 tracks. Since I only enjoyed a few tracks and since I wasn’t even sure I would actually be listening to the them in the future, the download simply wasn’t worth it for me.

This isn’t to say that the entire collection was a complete loss. There were some gems.

Tracks to have:

  • Track 11, Verdugo Brazil
  • Track 12, Danube
  • Track 15, Sunrise
  • Track 19, Acrobat (Instrumental)

As you can see, 4 tracks out of 37 isn’t all that good. Even if you say, it’s really just 4 out of 14 (since some of the tracks are featured as raw mixes or instrumental versions), it still isn’t that great. The album isn’t worth your buck.

When I listened to the samples, I got the same feeling when I listened to Mae’s Singularity for the first time: the sound was different and I didn’t like it. There’s a possibility that in the future, I will download Casa Verdugo and have a change of heart (Fun fact: Singularity is still the least played Mae album in my library). For now, however, I’m sticking to the Cornerstone Cues songs I have in my library.


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