How to French Braid Your Own Hair

I’ve let my hair grow up to the small of my back now. This, I knew while I was growing it, was a bad idea because my hair has its own personality.

Someone asked me a few weeks ago whether I braided my own hair. The answer is yes. The truth is that for someone with my type and length of hair, there aren’t that many hair style choices:

There’s the bun, a traditional English major look. (I have been told that English majors have the tightest buns. Hihi.)

There’s the pulled-back, a look I can’t manage because my hair gets so BIG that it just doesn’t look right.

And then there’s the braid. The problem was that the part-in-the-middle, one-on-each-side braided look made me look childish and annoying. I had to learn how to French braid my hair.

This video helped me learn how to do just that. I think this look is a little more sophisticated than buns and a little more classy than pony-tails.In the video, her hands sometimes get in the way, but I think you can pretty much figure out how she gets from A to B.

Like anything, this hairstyle take time to learn and practice to perfect. I do hope that when you’ve learned to do it on your own hair that you think the hard work was worth it.

Happy braiding!


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