EM Blushes :]

Fact: I smile a lot.

Fact: My cheeks define my face.

Conclusion: I must be a blush girl.

I am. I can go without lipstick. I can go without eye liner. But I gotta have color on my cheeks.

I have been experimenting with Everyday Minerals recently because their products are affordable but up to par with major labels. I got myself three of their blushes and got a free mini as part of their weekly promotion. I’ve had about two weeks to try these babies out.


top L-R: Rhapsody in Peach, Text Message; bottom: Walkee Talkee

You can tell from this picture that I got myself a good color selection.


Rhapsody in Peach

Rhapsody in Peach

  • a lovely coral color with silver shimmers
  • It gives my skin a nice “Summer’s back!” color, but that’s because I’m medium skin. On fair skin, I imagine this will be a nice spring color.

Text Message

Text Message

  • The website describes this as a russet brown, but I would say it is more red than brown (Can’t tell from the pot, though)
  • I would say the look this gives is comparable to a look achieved BE’s Warmth

Walkee Talkee

Walkee Talkee

  • a very light, almost sheer light berry pink color with silver shimmers
  • It gives a soft I-just-worked-out flush.

DVR Saturday

This color is the blush I got in the mini. I actually moved the product to a larger empty pot that I had lying around because I did not quite like having to swirl my humongous brush in a quarter-sized lid. ANYWAY.

DVR Saturday

DVR Saturday

  • a bright pink with silver shimmers
  • It gives a very bashful blush, a nice I’m-shy-on-first-dates color

swatch L-R: Rhapsody in Peach, Text Message


– creamy and applies smooth; builds perfectly without a chalky look or feel

– very pigmented; a little bit goes a long way

– no bismuth oxychloride, which is usually used as a filler in mineral make-up. Bismuth oxychloride can be an issue if you have sensitive skin.

– locking sifter keeps product where you want it: in the pot!

– affordable at $9 for 5.5 g

swatch L-R: Walkee Talkee, DVR Saturday


– The blushes come in one size only and it is a pretty big pot. For a blush hoarder like me, the size will make storage an issue.

– This one is not strictly product related but is something that should be said. The pictures on the website are not exactly true to color. This is an issue for me since I bought my EM stuff online. Walkee Talkee, for example, turned out to be a color I would not have bought had I known exactly what color it was (I’m not really a light pink girl, hehe).

Some notes:

– Walkee Talkee, Rhapsody in Peach, and DVR Saturday are listed as “sheen,” although I would personally think of them as “shimmers”

– My current favorite is DVR Saturday.


These cheek colors are definitely worth the money, especially if you are a fan of fake-up like me. Just remember to take caution when you choose a color! :p I would recommend Text Message or Walkee Talkee as colors to try since they are shades that would look good on a variety of skin tones.

Maybe for next time, I will get a “shimmer” blush. I doubt I can pull that off though. :p


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