Today’s Silver Lining

I remember when I was in grade school there was this song that wasn’t really a song.

Since the song isn’t exactly like listening to The Beatles, there is very little I take away from it. One of them is this:


And, “Do not read beauty magazines; they will only make you feel ugly.”

And I guess I never understood how horribly fat I thought I was (versus, you know, how fat I actually am) until I ordered my beloved kimona for graduation (More on that subject later.).

I received the package today. I tried on the kimona, excited to put together a look for graduation. It was too big.

No, like too big. It looked like someone pitched a tent of pina-organza around me. The sleeves were like 70s bell bottoms. I would like to attribute this mistake to a failure to use the size chart, except I spent days deciding which size to get (Don’t even get me started on choosing a color…).  I would also like to think I lost a tremendous amount of weight over the two days that I’ve been waiting for the package, but I don’t think eating cookies and trail mix while sitting on my ass the whole day count as “balanced diet and exercise.” So really, it was an overestimation on my part.

I’m upset that I have to exchange the kimona (It’s gorgeous, guys!!!), but I’m glad that my self-esteem got a little boost today. Maybe I’m really not as fat as I thought. And if you’re reading this, you are not as fat as you think either.

For the record though, I am fat. No really, I am. And I’m okay with that. :)



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