e.l.f. Brushes

e.l.f. is a company I came across flipping through TeenPROM. I bought the magazine a few months ago to look at dresses and ended up looking at what sort of make-up gets marketed to the TeenPROM demo.

I checked out the e.l.f. website and found that they have incredibly cheap, well, everything. Being a mineral make-up person, I looked at their selection. I looked at the ingredient list and let’s just say that I learned how much I’m a believer in “less is more.”

Anyway, I continued to poke around and wound up looking at the brushes. Eco-friendly, cruelty-free brushes? I’m in!

4-piece mini brush set: kabuki, complexion, blending eye brush, concealer brush

I actually did not know that this set had minis. Teehee.

The mini kabuki: dense and very soft. Because of its size and because of the size of my hands, it is a little hard to get a steady grip on the brush. I am currently using it to apply mineral veil.

close-up: mini kabuki

The complexion brush: comparable to BM full flawless face brush which I put side by side in this image (I think the complexion brush is meant to be compared with BM flawless face, but I find that the complexion brush is far denser to be in the same league). Even though this brush is small, I find that it is perfect for applying foundation and because of how soft the hairs us, buffing is more fun that usual. :)


side-by-side: BM full flawless face brush and e.l.f. mini complexion brush

The concealer brush: stiff as should be expected but the size makes the application of concealer a little more time consuming.


side-by-side: BM lighstroke brush and e.l.f. mini concealer brush

Hopefully you can tell from the picture that the hairs are actually stiff enough to be perfect for concealer application.

close-up: mini concealer brush

The blending eye brush: loose hairs for blending, size is perfect for working on eyes.


close-up: blending eye brush

The best part about the set was the complexion brush. It performed better than I expected it would, since I was anticipating for it to be like the BM flawless face brush which I use to apply mineral veil. The kabuki and concealer brush would have been okay, if only they weren’t so small! The blending eye brush is the perfect size for the job.


Do I think my $10 was worth it? No. I got a complexion brush and blending eye brush that I love, a kabuki I am not likely to use, and a concealer brush that can’t compete with my current one. 2/4 is not bad, but it’s not great either.

What I should have done, I think, was invest in their full size brushes. As you will see below, I am in love with the angled blush brush.

The angled blush brush: soft but dense, does a great job of picking up the blush.

e.l.f. Angled blush brush

I was also very pleased that this one was full-size. :)

I have been using it and I love it, love it, love it. Previously, I had an angled brush that absorbed the colors rather than transfer them to my face. :( I love this brush because I can actually achieve a natural looking flush with little effort plus the angled brush head allows for me to use this using various strokes and get the exact result I want.


At $5, definitely a steal. If I needed more than one, I’d buy another. This brush is likely to get a lot of mileage from me just because of how great a job it does. :)

Some general comments:

The pictures that you see on this post are pictures of the brush after I washed them. I would have taken pictures of them straight from the package but there was a really, really strong I-came-from-a-factory smell. I couldn’t stand it.

Oh, now that I’m on the subject of washing, none of the brushes frayed or shed. There was no color wash-off either when I shampooed the hair. Compared to my other brushes, these dried relatively fast at around 4-5 hours.


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