New Job Description

I’ve never been one for resolutions but this year I think I will make it a point to tell people to stop wasting my time. Politely, of course. It seems that I can’t be nice to people without them getting the wrong idea, like giving me unsolicited advice on my career.

Other people, however, take their session to be therapy. I like to hear about your life, but I’m also supposed to be talking about your writing so…


If you pay me at a therapist's rate, I will let you talk my ears off.

Maybe I’m being selfish but my time is really better spent than listening to you run into the same nice cop in the same 24 hours, or, I don’t know, how your GPA has now reached tragically low, why-aren’t-you-expelled-yet levels. Being a student myself, I could use my time to catch up on some reading while, quite conveniently, earning some money. Or, and this is more likely, I could give my time to a student who would actually use it.

Or I can just add “Help students work through issues that surface as a result of the pressures of student life” to my job description. It might give me the edge I need in this failing job market.


What are you thinking?

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